Plant Location Selection Techniques

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The book is designed to provide chief executive officers, manufacturing vice presidents, chief engineers and engineers a checklist of things to do in analyzing a potential plant site. It is also designed to provide state and local industrial development staffs guidance in their efforts to obtain industry. New entrepreneurs will find this book to be useful in making presentations to financial agencies.

The book shows how to choose the best location in a country through arraying the basic economic and social facts in an orderly manner. Both tangible and intangible cost analysis and factor weighting are covered. Included are the impact of customs, legal systems, ways of doing business upon costs, management style and plant efficiency.

Current legislation?s potential impact upon plant location is evaluated. This review includes GATT, NAFT A, CBI and other international direct and indirect influences on markets and costs. Also the potential impact of OSHA, ADA, EPA and other national mandates is covered.

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